ZeroTier Down? No IP

Non of my clients are getting a managed IP address. It connects but that’s about all. Managed IP section is blank. This is happening to all our 300 clients.

Everything is running fine here. You’ll have to be more specific on what you’re seeing. Everything looks fine on your networks from where I sit.

All my end points show this. No managed IP address but I’m getting it to connect to the zerotier web service just fine.

That’s the UI app. It just talks to the service running in the background, not

Try restarting the tray UI app, or upgrading to 1.8.9 that was released earlier this week

When I said service, I meant it’s connecting to the control servers.

That screenshot is 1.8.9. I just did an upgrade.

Also showing no IP on my iPad.

This just happened about 35 minutes ago too.

Interface looks fine on

Should also mention, I’m getting no traffic to pass to and from any of my devices.

Just came back! Thanks lol

Not sure what happened. All I was doing over here was looking at logs to see if I could spot anything going wrong. Didn’t find a thing

That’s what expect to see, a managed IP.

Very odd, glad it’s back up!

Nothing was down to begin with. Still stumped as to what happened.

You’re right, sorry. Anyways, have a great weekend

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