ZeroTier in my home connection


Do I need to open data communication inbound on my home connection for ZeroTier to work between my mobile phone and home connection?

No, but if UPNP is available, then good results are more likely.


Thank you for your reply.

Does ZeroTier then use its own cloud service between data transfers?
How is data transfer under the hood?

Join your home computer and cellphone to a ZeroTier network and use the zerotier-cli peers command to check the link status for each node.

If you have DIRECT connections, then you have a good configuration.

If you have RELAY connections, then go read the tutorials and documentation about TCP Relay, NAT traversal, and hole punching through firewalls.

I want to use my home computer with my mobile only via VPN.
In my router, to which my home computer is connected, UPNP is disabled, because there are other services running on my home computer in different ports that I don’t want to be accessed from the outside.

I redirected the required VPN port from the router’s NAT settings and also allowed it from my home computer’s firewall.

Thanks for your help.