ZeroTier in WB My Cloud EX2 Ultra

Hello. Has anyone managed to install ZeroTier on My Cloud EX2 Ultra? There is an error on the download page and the apps are not available

Just updated the link. Go ahead and try again: Western Digital NAS | ZeroTier Documentation

Let me know if you have any issues.

Everything Perfect and working.

Do you know the Schneider WK4 home automation server?

Can Zerotier be installed?


Glad to hear. What type of processor does that have? Can you get into a shell?

They don’t seem to publish much on how to install things on it so I doubt it’s going to be easy. But if you get me the processor type I can get you a binary.

Thanks Joseph.
I ask the manufacturer what type of processor it has.
At the user level it has a web interface and home automation functions are programmed in lua.
As soon as they answer me, I’ll write to them.

You’ll also need a way to get to a shell. This is a device that we likely won’t ever properly support so you’ll have to do a lot of the work yourself.

A better solution is probably to bridge the device onto your ZT network.

Yes, I had thought about it but my router does not support ZeroTier and I cannot think of what device I could have that supports Zerotier and can connect by cable the device I need to have on the Zerotier Network.

Hello. They answered me that the processor is: HW: Wiser for KNX (i.MX6) and that the shell cannot be entered.
If we provide them with the binary, they can enable it.

On the possible solution of connecting this device to the Zerotier network. How could it be done? I connect this device via ethernet to the router, but the router is not on the Zerotier network.

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