ZeroTier in winPE

So I’ve been playing with ZeroTier for a while and used it for my lab enviorments, and now I’ve been playing with the thought of being able to activate ZeroTier in the Windows Preinstallation Environment to connect a pc to a domain outside our network, while deploying.

We use USB with a deployment image installed and run it, and with a external vpn it all works great. But I’ve been wondering if we can get it into the winpe, so we can get arround the external vpn connection which requires physical hardware.

I’m currently stuck at the part where ZeroTier one installere is a msi package, which doesn’t work in the winpe since it doesn’t have a windows installere. But in theory a exe should work, so I was wondering if anyone might by any chance have a Zerotier.exe, if that exists that is :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m fully aware that this is troublesome idea I’m working with, and I would be surprised to see it work in the end. But It’s fun playing with :yum:

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