Zerotier Internet service

I have setup zero tier network in 3VMs(for my project use), and ping is working between systems. after that when I browse something in one VM, it uses ethernet service and not zerotier network. Why?

If you’re talking about browsing the network, the OS will generally use the default/primary network interface first so if the VMs are on the same local network that will be used before it tries the Zerotier interface.

If you want to force the connection to use the zerotier network, you’ll need to create the connections manually using the zerotier IP addresses

I want to use zerotier network such that, after the connection is established between the VMs, when i browse anything i want the VM to use the zerotier as a VPN model.

Is it possible to these functions as my inside LAN connections such as ssh, ping and all are working.

Ok sir, i have made the zerotier network as my default network,

but face the issue of no internet access.

Could you please explain that how to get the internet access with zerotier network?

Zerotier can’t be the machine’s default network since it doesn’t have internet access and by definition is a closed network.

You need to think of the zerotier network as a switch that all of the clients are attached to (in addition to their regular network). The connection isn’t between the VMs, it’s just a network that they are all connected to.

What exactly do you mean when you say “browse”?

Sir, I have a exit node concept in it(i.e. i want one node to act as exit node and i want all the nodes to send packets outside the network via this exit node). Now i want to test this exit node by making a node browse something so that if it uses the particular zerotier network, it only get out through the exit node.