Zerotier is lagging behind in terms of the ease of installation of the agents


Generate custom installation links, the idea is:

  • Press a button called : Create user

  • Then 3 options are displayed, and you must select one of them:
    op1 - Install Zerotier on this computer.
    op2 - Install Zerotier on a remote computer
    op3 - Add mobile client

  • If you select op1, the installer is downloaded according to the operating system of this computer.

  • If you select op2, a new window is displayed, with the following fields:
    field 1. - Description or name of the user to whom the installer will be sent.
    field 2. - Maximum number of remote installations allowed with the installer to be downloaded.
    field 3. - Expiration time of the link ( 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, never )

    Select the networks to which the installer to download can connect ( you can select one or several networks )
    - network 01
    - network 02
    - network 03
    … network “n”

Press CONTINUE and the link to download the CUSTOM INSTALLER is displayed,…custom because the installer contains the name of the user to be approved on the ZeroTier web site (field 1). In addition the installer contains the “Network IDs” to which you can connect once the “newly generated installer” is installed.

In summary, Zerotier is lagging behind in terms of the ease of installation of the agents, this limits the possibility of using Zerotier in the largest number of customers, we have purchased 125 users, but we hesitate to continue buying for other customers (the installation of the agents takes a long time). The basic idea is that Zerotier incorporates something similar to hamachi (Zerotier would be the best). It is clear that the new virtual network services are gaining ground in this area and Zerotier should not be left behind,… installing the agents should be as easy as in hamachi.