Zerotier issue on MacOS

Okay so for some context, I have got a Raspberry Pi running Pi Hole, some SMB shares set up and i’ve got it connected to my zerotier network. Using the Pi Hole DNS server and accessing the smb shares through the managed IP for the Pi works great on my phone. However on my Macbook, I can ping the managed ip of the Pi through the terminal, but I can’t login to my SMB shares or use the Pi Hole DNS through the managed ip that’s been set. However, the internal IP works to do both those things, just can’t access it when i’m not at home or through the managed ips. Any help would be very appreciated!

Someone replied you on reddit: Zerotier Issue on MacOS
Have you tried this way?

I will try removing ZeroTier completely then reinstalling an older version. Will update later.

Update: Didn’t work. Everything is still the same after downgrading versions.

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