Zerotier issue with CPU load and "phantom traffic" if two or more networks are joined


today i found that my Notebook is screaming for fresh air, after checking taskmgr in Windows (11 22H2) i found that the Zerotier process run with around 25-35% load. Taskmgr shows that the Zerotier process producing around 15-30 MBit/s traffic for no reason, but there is no traffic on any of the zerotier interfaces. In this state, Zerotier GUI is unable to talk with Zerotier Service, zerotier-cli works but is a bit slow responding.

It doesnt matter what network i joined, as soon my machine joins two or more networks, zerotier goes crazy.

I have this issue with 1.8.10 and 1.10.0

Any idea?

I posted about a similar problem on May 12th. I found no solution. When the utilization on the interface is high, it just doesnt work.

Pretty sure I have discovered a bug, and I can trigger it. When I do a “zerotier-cli peers” It shows the peer as being on the local network (path), not the correct remote network (path). It will flip flop back and forth between working (remote network path) and not working (local network path). It will work for 10 seconds and then not work for 30 seconds (probably some loop prevention timeouts?) I imagine it is some type of forwarding loop. When it is in the looped up state, ZT interface utilization is around 300megabits/sec. If I reboot the remote peer, the loop goes away until the remote peer has completely rebooted. Fairly certain that I dont have any layer 2 loops in my network.

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