ZeroTier LAN connectivity not working but WAN Works

Hi there all ,

Firstly , I have been searching and reading a lot of posts , so IF this is answered please point me to the post that i may have missed.

Set up :
3 separate network spaces
2 over 4g/5g Internet connections
1 over normal fiber

Installation completed and I can ping the WAN IPs of all the nodes to and from each site on the ZeroTier network. ( great )
I added the routes for the different networks and they are all different private addresses so there is no overlay…
Each local ip range points to the ZT routers IP that was given.

However when i try and connect to a local device in network 1 or even network 2 nothing happens.
regardless if i anydesk to the other networks none of them can actually connect to a device on the other side.

Widows firewall is off
Windows firewall rule has also been added ( when it was on )
No special configurations in the internet routers has been added… Unless I need to ??

Some help in this would be great…

Thank you all

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