ZeroTier looses connection for minutes when swapping from WiFi to Cellular

For the last few weeks now, I’ve been having issues with ZeroTier when I swap from a Wifi connection to a cellular one on my iPhone 13 Pro Max. I keep my ZT VPN connected all the time, as I use a remote PiHole as my DNS service on the go (and at home, keep it connected to allow my phone to connect to other devices).
When I leave a wifi network and go to cellular, while the VPN connection stays “up”, the phone cannot connect to my other ZT devices/pihole. It stays like this for 5-10 minutes before it starts to properly connect. Sometimes if I manually turn off the ZT VPN on the phone, and then turn it back on again, it’ll start up quicker.

Running the latest ZT build for iOS, and iOS 15.3.1

Yes, a temporary break in connectivity when switching networks is a known issue and affects more than just iOS. We have some changes in the works to address this, but do not have an ETA for release.

Thanks, good to know it’s a known issue.
Would the On Demand feature help with this? I’ve been trying to find information on what that actually means, and what the triggers for it would be. Particularly in my use case, as I use it for remote DNS. I’ve got my rasp-pi with pi-hole also setup as a gateway, so would it be better to use the local LAN IP as the DNS server so that it doesn’t try to route through ZT when I’m at home, and then would switch on when remote, or should I use the ZT IP of the DNS server in the connection definition?

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