ZeroTier moon issue

Hi, I have 3 devices as follows:

+, Machine A: windows 10 os, (LEAF)

+, Machine B: windows 7 os, (MOON)

+,C machine: windows 7 os, (LEAF)

I have done the installation following the following path: windows系统下搭建 ZeroTier moon服务器 - 代码先锋网

However it doesn’t seem to work properly.

The settings on machine A are as follows:

The settings on machine B are as follows:

“stableEndpoints”: [ “public IP of machine B/9993”]

Install on machine C similar to machine A

Firewall open port:

Machine A ping to machine B:

**Machine A ping to machine C:

All machines are online. I don’t know where i went wrong, please help. Thank you.

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