Zerotier multipath via VLAN?

I’m wondering if zerotier will handle multipath with some of the interfaces being VLANs.

For instance, a raspberry pi with one ethernet. the native LAN would connect to the local network and an LTE router would provide a VLAN 10. Pi configured with eth0, eth0.10

ie eth0 is regular LAN w/ DHCP and gateway with metric of 1
eth0.10 is a VLAN w/ DHCP and a gateway with metric of 2
goal being to have eth0 be the main path and eth0.10 be the failover path.

further, there would be an eth0.100 for VoIP but that’s beyond the scope of the request.

Yes just setup thr active backup bonding mode… or whatever mode you want. your eth.10 will show up as its own device. Its straight foward

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