ZeroTier NIC Adapter ID in Blue Iris?

I am trying to identify the ZeroTier virtual NIC Adapter ID in the Blue Iris application. I can see the Blue Iris Adapter in Windows’ Device Manager - but I don’t see the “Adapter ID” listed anywhere. Perhaps I am just not looking in the correct place.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

I am sure (well, pretty sure) Zero Tier is installed and operating correctly as I can see the computer with Zero Tier installed as online in ZeroTier Central.


Are you talking about in the “Adapters” drop-down menu in the “Local, internal (LAN) access” section on the “Web server” server tab in Settings? Once ZT was connected, I had to restart the BI service (mine is running as a service) before my ZT adapter showed up in that list. I tested, and if ZT is disconnected and I reboot, it doesn’t reconnect at startup, and the adapter is missing in BI. If ZT is connected and I reboot, it does reconnect at startup, and the adapter is present in BI. FWIW, I am not using the ZT adapter in BI, was just curious. Unless you select an adapter in the drop-down and click “Bind exclusively”, BI will bind to all adapters. As stated above, if ZT is not connected at startup and BI starts as a service, the ZT adapter isn’t present and BI doesn’t bind to it. I don’t know what happens if you tell BI to bind to the ZT address exclusively and then at some point (e.g. after a reboot when you had ZT disconnected) the adapter is no longer present. The BI docs seem to indicate it will break:

By default, Blue Iris listens to the same port number on all interfaces. You can force the software to use one interface only by selecting the Bind exclusively checkbox. You should use this only if
advised or you are an expert, as the LAN IP address and/or available interfaces can change,
rendering the web server inoperative

It looks like ZT does reconnect automatically at service startup by design: ZeroTier One always runs at startup, regardless of the "Launch ZeroTier On Startup" setting in the GUI · Issue #1445 · zerotier/ZeroTierOne · GitHub

If you still have issues, you might try configuring the BI service to depend on ZT so it won’t start until the ZT service has started: How to add dependency on a Windows Service AFTER the service is installed - Server Fault

Haven’t tested that however.

Hope that helps!

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