Zerotier no function on Debian 11.4 - Solution

It is possible that when installing the zerotier client on Debian 11.4 an error occurs

curl: (6) Could not resolve host

apparently it is a PHP 7.4 installation error.
Therefore it is recommended to reinstall it with the following command:

sudo apt -y reinstall php7.4

Later you can use the instructions indicated at: Download – ZeroTier
Linux section and run the command line:

curl -s | sudo bash

If the result is:

Success! You are ZeroTier address [ IDxxxxxxxx ].

All that remains is to join with the instruction:

zerotier-cli join IDxxxxxxx

and If the result is:

200 join OK

It means that everything went well

Enjoy - Disfrutalo!

just installed zerotier on Ubuntu 20.04. Everything okay with the installscript form the website. Terminal says:
*** Success! You are ZeroTier address [ 1bxxxxxxxx ].
(some 10 digit hex number)
When I try to join with:
sudo zerotier-cli join 1bxxxxxxxx
all I get is:
invalid network id
It took me some time to figure out that one has to convert above HEX number to DEC in two-bytes pairs such like 1b(hex)->27(dec) that should give you one 2digit (yy; 27 for me) and four 3digit (abc, def, ghi, jkl) decimal numbers. Add ‘ID’ at the start of the digits and you’re bloody on:
sudo zerotier-cli join ID27abcdefghijkl
terminal answers:
200 join OK
Now you can display your networks:
sudo zerotier-cli listnetworks
You’ll get something like: (two lines in my terminal)
200 listnetworks
200 listnetworks 0000000000000000 02:1b:xx:xx:xx:xx REQUESTING_CONFIGURATION PRIVATE ztaaaaaaaa
The interesting part here is the added ‘02’ for the name. If you happen to try using Zerotier on android, you’ll need a 16 digit decimal. Just add the ‘02’ (converted to decimal, so here still ‘02’) at the beginning of your 27abcdefghijkl from above.

Hope this helps others fighting with the somehow confusing formats.
Best regards

1bxxxxxxxx is only 10 digits. That’s a Node ID. Network IDs are 16 digits.

Thanks for your clarification. I guess I somehow mixed things up. The description on how to setup from this site didn’t work very well for me. I didn’t understand why IDxxx sometimes means NodeID but later (a completely different) NetworkID. Found a good description on Youtube by Odly Otter.
Seems to be working for me now.
Best regards

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