Zerotier not working on Debian 11

Zerotier was working fine befor on my Debian 11 machine but i’m facing issues since 1.8.1 version updates. Even down grading to 1.6.5 or upgrading to 1.8.3 has not worked for me. Even a clean install is not going through as it remains on ***waiting for identity generation. . .

When i try:
sudo zerotier-one status
i get the following response:
zerotier-one: fatal error: cannot bind to local control interface port 9993

Someone please help me fix this soon.

What architecture or type of machine is it?

it’s zerotier-cli status not zerotier-one
You may have started zerotier more than once.

I am using debian on a Linux amd64 machine.

the output of zerotier-cli status says:
200 info d75d076890 1.8.3 ONLINE

but when i manually add member using the network ID in the Zerotier Central it does not detect it and mentions as unknown.

did you join the network from the debian machine? zerotier-cli join $networkid

Thank you very much!!
it started to work when i used zerotier-cli join command.

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