ZeroTier not working on M1 MAC after workign for a year

I am using an M1 Mac and have been using Zero Tier for over a year with no issues.

The internet went out where the server I connect to is located and upon the internet being reconnected I am no longer able to access files on that server.

I have deleted and redownloaded the zero tier app and still have the same issue.

When I review Zero Tier in my toolbar it shows that I am connected and the statis is ok.

When I use the finder window I am able to access the first set of folders but I am not able to view the documents in the folders. I get an error saying that "this operation cannot be completed because the original item cannot be found.

I am not super technical. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

If you’re navigating to the file share via a folder in the sidebar, the Finder attaches some metadata to that object that may not establish a proper connection. Troubleshooting steps:

  • remove the link from the sidebar
  • reconnect manually (Command-K in the Finder with smb:///

And just to verify the network layer, try to ping the IP address of the server…

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