ZeroTier not working on router (FreshTomato and entware)

I recently switched to an ISP that uses CGNAT and I’ve lost the ability to remotely access my network. I’m running FreshTomato and previously I used its included OpenVPN server to access my network while I’m on the road. That worked flawlessly with my old ISP and I’m trying to replicate that experience with ZeroTier.

I followed these instructions to install entware and then these to install ZeroTier (I stopped at step 8 because I didn’t understand what that was doing). I can successfully connect to my ZeroTier with the router and also from my phone. However, I can’t ping the router from the phone or the phone from the router. I then installed ZeroTier on my laptop. From the laptop I could ping my phone and I could ping my laptop from my phone.

My local network IP addresses are 192.168.1.* range and the ZeroTier network is 10.147.17.*. I don’t know why it works between my phone and laptop but not between my phone and router. And, I don’t know how to begin troubleshooting. I’ve never messed with iptables or routing tables before. Any advice on where to start?

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