Zerotier on Android disconnects after "close all apps"

Hello all, I use Zerotier on Android to connect the phones of the family to Home Assistant (home automation). ZT is set to autostart on boot of the phone. The phones are used as a tracking device for several automations. The problem is when some uses the “close all apps” Android function ZT is also closed and disconnected. Then a lot of automations don’t work anymore. Is this expected behavior?

What I want is ZT to keep running in the background, even after the “close all apps” function is used.
Is that possible?
If not, is there a way to auto restart it after it has been closed?

I have the same problem on android, on the other hands on iphone i dont see this problem and this is working as it should be. Didnt found a solution yet, i hope there will be some beacuse this is really annoying

Can you confirm the expected behavior is to keep running in the background?

I think so, on iPhone it works all the time. I will test on another android phone zoom.

@ellives75 it does in fact run in the background even after “close all apps” on my Samsung Note 20 Ultra running Android 13.

However, on my Redmi Pad, it does disconnect if i close the app. I think its an issue with Xiaomi devices. They have a pretty aggressive battery saver. I have similar issues with other apps on the same device.

What device do you own?

I own a Oppo Find X5 Lite running on Android 13. Could it have something to do with the android version? I turned off battery optimization for Zerotier

Pixel 6 Pro here and disconnects are still a problem with 1.10.6 (No newer update showing on play).

Hopefully this problem will be solved soon. A lot of my surroundings don’t work as they should

Can you confirm it wasn’t disconnecting in earlier versions?
I just started using ZT, so I don’t have previous experience.

Did you already test it on Android?

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