ZeroTier on Batocera/Other emulation frontends

I’m looking for the best approach to utilize ZeroTier as a workaround for my ISP’s draconian approach to port forwarding, which is essentially blocking all of them. The provider is mandatory at my complex.

I’m trying to utilize ZeroTier as a way to tunnel through and play a few older games with some friends several states away. They only have access to Odroid XU4s running Batocera Linux.

Has anyone had luck installing ZeroTier to this specific flavor of Linux, or to any other distro of an SBC emulation frontend? I am trying to weigh how difficult it would be to get this running for them to join my existing ZeroTier network. Alternatively, would a Raspberry Pi ZeroTier bridge on my network allow them to connect, or would they still need ZeroTier installed on their SBCs running Batocera?

Lastly, would there be a way to add ZeroTier commands to Batocera’s EmulationStation menu, or would I need to configure it to just run at startup?

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