Zerotier on DSM 7, not working (not upgrade, not install)

Synology DSM 7 was FINAL version out yesterday 29 June.
After update trial of one DS918+ with zerotier working… after upgrade, zerotier service was blocked.
Uninstalled and tried to install again, we get the message: File format not valid.

There’re any plan to upgrade and be compatible with this version (DSM 7)?

Not possibility to go back… and lot of us use zerotier to extend our connectivity.


Following - I have the same problem.

Unfortunately we don’t have a good solution at this time. Synology kind of swept the rug out from under us on this update with not allowing root access any longer, and ZeroTier needs that to configure its virtual network adapter. You can try our docker container. I unfortunately have no ETA and can’t even say for sure if there will be a native solution outside of docker for DSM 7 at this time.

Is there a step-by-step guide on how to set up ZeroTier in docker for Synology?

I managed to Zerotier working via docker using this guide:

Happy days!

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Also impacted and following this topic. Docker can be a solution but unfortunately not all models support It.

@zt-grant ,

Is this an idea? DSM 7 support? - synology-wireguard (

hello , I wasn’t able to run the docker, it says that zerotier is not available, any idea what I might be doind wrong? the docker was succesfully created and my tun interface is up and running, it is just the launch script that does nothing,
“Error response from daemon: No such container: zerotier-one”
Edit1 : Got it working, I had to run zerotier just to have a container named like that, the “if” condition searches and removes previous entries

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hello gents, I followed the guide and got ZT working on my DS920+, unfortunately after each restart the ZT docker log gives me:

ERROR: unable to configure virtual network port: could not open TUN/TAP device: No such file or directory

when I run the script again manually, it all connects well and ZT is working again so something is wrong with the automatic loading after restart.

Anyone experienced anything similar, any thoughts on a solution? Would love to have ZT working…

EDIT: got in touch with the author of the guide and he was getting the same error - he has updated the guide and now all is working great, enjoy ZT docker and many thanks to Marco :slight_smile:

hi everyone,
is there any chance that the program will be developed for dsm7 ? I’m using a DS 218 (no plus no nothing) and not even docker is supported. Unfortunately I just upgraded the machine to DSM7 and I was not told beforehand on the install (like with other apps, e.g. lime survey) that zero tier would not work in the future if I continued the install… I’m scared of downgrading the DS218 (and I admit that I like the new look of DSM7). But I definitely don’t want to miss the use of my zero tier network.
Does anyone have a good idea?


Hello everyone. We have new instructions for getting ZeroTier to work on Synology’s latest DSM 7. Let me know if you have any trouble getting this to work.


Thank you very much!! These instructions are good and simple. Except the slightly fuzzy part about using an automatically mounted disk instead of /var/lib/zerotier-one, not much thinking is required ^^

Edit: also lol @ " Previous versions of our package contained a GUI, however this is no longer the case and it is for the better." :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Thanks for the feedback.

Yeah, perhaps that section could be simplified. I’ve just seen many cases where a DSM upgrade wipes places on the FS you’d assume are safe which would result in an upgrade breaking connectivity to a remote NAS.

And about the GUI, thanks for noticing that. Dockerizing this was a convenient way to end support for that buggy old UI.

I’ve just upgraded my backup NAS to DSM 7 to learn that ZeroTier doesn’t work anymore. Unfortunately it’s an older 32-bit ARM-based model, so neither official nor unofficial Docker support is available (unless you want to compile Docker yourself). Downgrade to DSM 6 isn’t officially supported too.

Are any workarounds available to get ZeroTier to work? I’d be happy with performing some tasks manually, like creating the mentioned virtual network adapter that was mentioned if that’s possible or installing ZT in a different way than with a Synology package?

Unfortunately there’s nothing we can do to help you there @gronostaj. Synology changed things and packages can no longer run as root. root access is required to change network settings. As such, ZeroTier requires root. The docker package helps us get around that, but doesn’t seem to be supported by Synology on their older platforms. They really left us in a lurch with this change in the DSM 7 update. At this point in time the Docker method is all we can offer directly on the device itself.

It is possible to route to a physical LAN or use a Raspberry PI to bridge into a LAN. Those are ways to be able to route/bridge to devices that ZeroTier can’t be installed on directly.

I personally own a Synology NAS and do like it a lot, but haven’t ever used the ZeroTier package on it myself. I’ve always had a Raspberry Pi bridge into my home LAN so I can access the entire thing while out of the house.

Am I right in thinking it is not possible to configure the synology as a bridge with this setup? I’d like to be able to access the internet and other devices on the network through the synology. Maybe I still need to get a pi to do that?


Sorry new to docker. I’ve been meaning to teach myself but this forced my hand.

I have ZT up and running on DSM 7 via docker but this direction confuses me. How do I edit it to do what it suggests?

In the next step we bind mount to the host’s /var/lib/zerotier-one created above in order to store ZeroTier’s identity. This is not guaranteed to survive DSM updates. I would suggest placing this on an automatically-mounted volume where your other private user data resides. The location you choose to store your identities should be kept secure and never placed on a shared volume that others can access.

Do I change line:
-v /var/lib/zerotier-one:/var/lib/zerotier-one zerotier/zerotier-synology:latest
-v /sharedfolder/lib/zerotier:/var/lib/zerotier-one zerotier/zerotier-synology:latest

or something like that?

A very dirty and hacky alternative may be to try to install a chroot environment with some distribution like Debian and try to install Zerotier in that environment, all via shell without involving packages. There were old guides on how to install Debian chroot environments on Synology devices (in pre-Docker era). Maybe you can still find them if you search.

However, this would be hacky and you can face problems that may require advanced knowledge to be solved or may be unsolvable. If you feel brave enough, give a try.

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