ZeroTier on IOS Access denied

I am using ZeroTier 1.8.1 on IOS 15.2 with the ZeroTier feature “On-demand” activated. This issue began while I was connected to my home WLAN. After some time I would lose an IP Address and in Zerotier Dashboard my device would show up offline. I find out that deleting the device in the Zerotier dashboard and rejoining the network from my iPhone will allow me to grant the access again and the connection will be established. However, when I switch to data instead of WLAN, I get access denied again. This time rejoining does not work.

I got suspicious about the ios setting for WLAN ->“Private Wi-Fi Address” which basically keeps changing the MAC address to make your connection in the WLAN more anonymous. When I deactivated it though, then I am unable to rejoin even on the WLAN.

As far as I am aware of this setting (“Private Wi-Fi Address”) is available since IOS 14, but I think only since IOS 15 it is activated by default. If my troubleshooting is correct and I get the access denied because my iPhone keeps changing the MAC address. What can be done to fix this? Is it possible to tweak it with some settings of the Zerotier Network?

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