Zerotier on Linux - can Hamachi be interfering with it?

Just making sure I can get an answer to this.

Yes, I have hamachi, it works, but it only connects 5 people at a time. I want to move to zerotier.

That said, somehow it’s not as simple as get the program and group up and running and it just connects. I’m probably missing something OR having hamachi also installed is messing up with zerotier’s connection. I tried to connect Vintage Story (a game like minecraft) and PPSSPP, but no luck.

Now see, for ppsspp, Hamachi would be enough, since most interesting multiplayer games in there are 4-players. But Vintage Story allows more people, and I wanted to try and let more people play in my map. Hamachi wouldn’t do there.

My experience with zerotier was as follows: Make a network, connect to it successfully on two different devices… and it stops about there. I wasn’t able to make use of the network. (should have tried to ping, but still)

I gave the other person in the network the “managed IP” to connect to, and I’m not sure I should connect to it too, or if I just run a game and they connect to the managed ip my computer gets on the network.

About opening ports, not sure if that helps - the ports thing never worked in here, in different ISPs and router/modems. Feels like I’m blocked from actually making that kind of connection. And yet, Hamachi works, and Radmin VPN also works (on windows) without further configuration.

Gonna need a little help here, got no brainpower left for this one.

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