Zerotier on normal switch with openwrt

Hi all!

I have a ISP router and a openwrt switch.

ISP router network -
Zerotier network -
Openwrt switch -

This openwrt it’s setup as a normal and regular dumb switch with wan and dhcp disable.

I have installed zerotier on him, and I can ping (trough cli) all the zerotier network.

I have put on Zerotier central managed routes: via

However, from the pc that I have plug on this switch, I can’t ping zerotier network.

Can anyone point me out what I need to do in order that from zerotier network I could acess to the network of this switch and reverse as well?

You’ll need to add a route on your local network’s DHCP config to route to via $SWITCH_LAN_IP_ADDRESS

@zt-grant many many many thanks!!!

I was looking everywhere on my openwrt switch, but than, after your reply, I went to my isp router and setup a static route and than voilá!!!

just one more thing @zt-grant

from my pc on my local network dhcp range I can allready ping the entire zerotier network and all the managed routes.
However, from the reverse (from the ip’s on that managed routes) I can’t… do I need to do anything else?

:pray: :pray: :pray:

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