Zerotier on older Linux (Ubuntu) clients?

I’ve been trying out zerotier and I must say I’m very impressed. So far it’s worked straight out of the box on multiple lans and operating systems. However, today I hit a bit of a wall. I have a cluster of machines running an old version of Linux (Ubuntu 12.04) and although zerotier appears to install and run ok, it’s actually impossible to contact any other devices or be contacted by them.

The output from zerotier-cli is exactly as expected and syslog reports no problems. All nodes in the cluster have their firewalls disabled.

Unfortunately, the option to upgrade to a newer version of Ubuntu is completely off the table for me.

Does anybody have idea of how to get it working? Thanks.

Install something newer, put Zerotier on that and use it as a router to give access to older devices.

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