Zerotier on OMV/Armbian/Linux stopped working propperly. I can access through Zerotier only when in the same LAN

I have one storage with Armbian Linux, and one Windows PC on my office LAN.
I use Zerotier One to access the storage remotely from my home Laptop.
It was working propperly until two weeks ago.
Now I cannot ping the Linux from home, but I still can connect to the Windows PC that is in the office.
I went to the office and tested locally, I can ping and connect from my laptop to the Linux device using Zerotier IPs, but only when I am there, in the same LAN.
From home, using a bridge PC, I connected to the Linux device, uninstalled and reinstalled Zerotier, for some seconds ping works, then it stops working.
Connection between Windows PC are OK, only that linux have that behavior.

Thanks in advance for any help!

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