Zerotier on Synology DS220+ and backups from proxmox VE 8.0

Hello guys :slight_smile:
I have a dedicated server in Hetzner, it runs proxmox VE 8.0.3 and I want to take backups of the LXC’ and VM to my synology at home.
The proxmox server has dedicated bandwidth 1gbps symmetric while at home I have FTTH 1gbps at download but 100mbps upload.
This is like my secondary backup method, primary is storagebox from hetzner itself.
Now the problem is, I have linked them ZT, they ping each other and I was able to login my “remote prox user” to my local synology. I can start the backup process but it goes really slow!
I mean it is 1gbps to 1gbps which should be 118mb/s but I am getting about 8 to 10mb/s <=10% of my bandwidth.
If I use my server to download a file from the webserver, I can get 118mb/s just fine.
And also I can’t browse the backups on synology. It always times out when I try to read the content but I can backup fine!

Anyone with the same problems and a potential solution?

Kind regards,

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