Zerotier on Synology DSM7 unable to connect

I previously followed the official installation steps and successfully established a connection. Recently, it appeared as ONLINE in my list of devices, but it stopped working .

I tried reinstalling, but I still can’t connect. I suspect it might be a version issue. I initially had version 1.10.6, and I installed the latest version, 1.12.1, but it still doesn’t work.

Is there any way to resolve this, and is the software forward compatible?

First of all, did you install zerotier on your synology with docker ?
If you did, you should be on 1.10.6 because the docker image of zerotier for synology dsm7 (Docker) is still on 1.10.6
So, you might be using the zerotier/zerotier docker image that doesn’t work on synology dsm7

Yes, I installed ZeroTier on Docker. I initially installed version 1.10.2, but it still doesn’t work. I noticed that Docker can download version 1.12.1, so I’m trying to do that.

Keep us updated if you find the solution, pls

I’ve already solved the issue because I configured the Synology DSM firewall, which was causing ZeroTier connection problems. I added an IP whitelist, and now it’s working!

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