Zerotier on Truenas Scale - Can't access server dashboard or anything else for that matter

I’m running Truenas Scale Dragonfish- I’ve managed to get the zerotier app running (yep, stuck in deploy, but I know it’s active, as I can see on zerotier central). I’m able to ping the server as well.

I want to see if there’s a way for me to access my Truenas shares and server dashboard. Ideally, the rest of my network. I’m unable to see the dashboard.

A few things of note:

I’m using Starlink. It’s a CGNAT, thus zerotier is my savior.
My home network is running 192.168.50.x
My zerotier network is running 10.147.20.x
My sysctrl has net.ipv4.ip_forward and net.ipv4.conf.all.src_valid_mark entered

Curious if I’m missing anything else.

  • swanie
    I’ve added the

Not sure what method you’re using for deploying the zerotier app, but it’s likely in a container and thus lives inside the Kubernetes networking environment on the TrueNAS box. I’ve had a number of issues getting containers and VMs to be able to talk to the TrueNAS host - it’s not specific to Zerotier.

I don’t remember the details offhand, but in a similar situation I ended up having to deploy a VM on a bridge interface in order to get bi-directional communication between the TrueNAS and the service I deployed. You might want to try that.