ZeroTier on Windows 8.1 keeps hanging

I am new to ZeroTier and I am having a lot of trouble getting it working.
I have a Teltonika 4G router on which I have enabled ZeroTier and have installed the latest version on my Windows 8.1 pc to be able to reach the network behind the Teltonika router.
So far so good, after struggling a full day I got it working.
The issue is that I don’t want to be always connected to that network and would like to start and stop the connection only when needed.
If I disconnect using the ZeroTier client, I am not able to connect anymore.
It requires me a lot of tweaking and rebooting until for some magic it connects again, but if I disconnect, very hard to re-connect again.
Any clue on this issue, please?

No one with a clue, please?

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