Zerotier-one cannot start with error "connect: operation timed out"

I’m running zerotier on iStoreOS (openWRT), and after starting zerotier-one -d it keeps reporting error:

Starting Control Plane...
Starting V6 Control Plane...
connect: Operation timed out
connect: Operation timed out

The log of zerotier-cli info is 200 info 455ef0d344 1.12.1 OFFLINE and the log of zerotier-one status is zerotier-one: fatal error: cannot bind to local control interface port 9993.

I‘ve checked the following infomation:
1. The device has access to internet, and zerotier can run on other devices (Windows and Linux) in same LAN.
2. 9993 port is not occupied by any other process.
3. Problem still exists even close the firewall.

Here is the environment information:

Zerotier: 1.12.1
Linux: Linux version 5.10.201 (build@buildserver) (x86_64-openwrt-linux-musl-gcc (OpenWrt GCC 11.2.0 2023070614) 11.2.0, GNU ld (GNU Binutils) 2.37) #0 SMP Fri Mar 8 07:07:46 2024
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