ZeroTier One installation stucks in a loop

When installing “ZeroTier One.msi” on Windows as a non-admin user the user is asked to elevate to the admin account (I don’t know the English terminology) and to type the admin password. After typing the password and pressing the “Yes” button the screens blinks and the users is asked again to type the admin password. And so on and so on. I tried for about 50 times to type the admin password and everytime the window reappeared (the window told me when I mistyped the password, so I know if the password is correct). It does not help if I hit “no” or the “X” to close the window. The installation is stuck in a loop.

Ctrl + Alt + Del solves the problem and I can log out.

The ZeroTier One is not installed completely.
the reinstallation does not help → still gets in a loop

Windows 10 Home 21H2
ZeroTier One.msi file is the latest from theirs web site, time stamp of the signature is 30 ‎November ‎2021 15:05:10

Yes this is a known issue. It must be installed by an Admin account.

They should state this clearly on theirs web site.

It’s referenced several places in this forum & on the github issues.

It should be written here. This is after all the place to download it. Isn’t it?

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