ZeroTier One is renaming Network Adapter on service startup

Hello everyone,

I noticed ZeroTier One (Windows) service is renaming the TAP network adapter after started or restarted.
Something like “ZeroTier One [xxxxxxxxxxxx]”

For management reasons (we managed it on company), we renamed this adapter with a specific name. ZT service works well with this modification, but it is non permanent, as a reboot or just a ZT service restart switch back the TAP name to default “ZeroTier One [xxxxxxxxxxxx]”

Any way to avoid this behavior ?

I had the weird idea to create a service which monitors the ZT service, triggered on ZT service start or restart, to fire a Powershell command Rename-Net-Adapter, but it is not clean as I would like it to be…

Maybe this could be possible recompiling ZT One service from sources, but not enough skilled to do that…

Anyway, thanks for the help you can bring to me !


Yes, ZeroTier sets the name for its network adapters on Windows. There is a separate adapter for each network joined, so we named them with the Network ID included to help disambiguate them. No there isn’t a way to prevent this.

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