ZeroTier-One Issues with MIPS64 Build on UniFi USG Pro 4

I managed to install ZeroTier on an Ubiquiti UniFi USG Pro 4 gateway using a combination of instructions available here (MIPS64) and here.

While the unit manages to connect to the ZT network, the tunnel adapter loses connectivity every 30 minutes or so. The only way to re-activate the link seems to be to kill the zerotier-one process, and joining the network again. I ended up creating a system task to check for an active link (ping machine at the other end) activity every 2 minutes, and kill / restart the process. This seems to work reasonably well, except that I have to put up with the link being down for 2 - 10 minutes every 30 minutes or so.

Is there a way to get to the bottom of this issue and resolve it? FWIW, I have ZeroTier running flawlessly (fingers crossed) at the other end on a Unifi Dream Machine (ARM64). These two nodes are the only ones running ZeroTier on the network.

USG Pro 4 : FW version 4.4.56

I am happy to provide any other required information.

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