Zerotier packet loss when ping to or from Linux!

Hello guys

i have a problem when ping to or from linux vm i dont know what i am missing .

my network office

LAN network 20 PCs (
linux debian VM (as router) to expose office LAN
zerotier installed on that linux (

my labtop (windows 10 far away from the office)

zerotier installed (

zerotier controller

both clients are authorized and assigned physical IPs ,IPv4 and IPv6(linux )
added route via

Routing configuration

i followed step by step this instaurations:

both clients are working and i can reach any device in the office lan and Linux can reach laptop client .


laptop ping (no packet loss)
linux ping (%5- %15 packet loss)

laptop client --------ping ------> linux client
i get packet loss from %15 to %25 total
linux client --------ping ------> laptop client
i get packet loss from %5 to %15 total

you can see from ping above the problem is in linux vm but do not know where !!
i need help to solve this problem .
thanks in regards

You could try using traceroute to see if there is a problem with an intermediate point in your network, the nice tutorial below should give you some pointers [also, it might be worthwhile seeing if changing the network cable makes a difference to the Linux client]:

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