Zerotier Performance with Firefly ROC-RK3588S-PC (compared to Raspberry PI 4B)

Hi Zerotier,

I am currently using Zerotier to create a virtual LAN across devices in Germany and UK, with Internet egress via Zerotier default route on either a Raspberry PI 4 in UK or a VM running in AWS in the UK.
The exit to the internet is done via iptables in both cases forwarding traffic to the eth0 interface with MASQUERADE.
When I use the AWS edge device the bandwidth without Zerotier is circa 850 MBit/s and with Zerotier circa 150 MBit/s, which is more than enough for my needs.
However, when I set the edge device as the Raspberry PI 4B 8Gb device, the normal throughput is about 60 Mbit/s but via Zerotier is between 6 and 10 MBit/s, which is often insufficient for my needs.

I have read that due to the software based encryption, the throughput is very dependent on the power of the device and whether “AES hardware acceleration” is enabled and supported. Therefore, I am considering purchasing the new ROC-RK3588S-PC board(8 Gb/32 Gb), which at first glance seems very much more powerful than a Raspberry PI 4b 8Gb.

I would be interested if anyone could give any guidance on if this might improve the throughput compared to what I see on the Raspberry PI 4B.



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