Zerotier pricing with my own network controller

Hello there,
I have a zerotier network managed by my own network controller and my own UI.
Will I have to upgrade to the Professional (Pricing - ZeroTier) plan if I exceed 25 devices?



it depends - for me i use a ZTNET self hosted Controller with multiple own planets. So just using the Zerotier software but none of their infrastructure. With this you can exceed 25 Nodes without problem - but you need to give every client the planet file to be able to connect to your network (at this time only possible on desktop versions of zerotier not mobile). With ZTNET there is an option to use Zerotier infrastructure but manage it indpendently through the ZTNET interface - this setup is subject to that 25 Node limit for free plans (works by providing the zerotier central api key to your ZTNET controller).

The question is if you want to create your own “planetary” System with Planet Servers fully indipendent of Zerotier infrastructure or just Moons that “orbit” the existing zerotier infrastructure. One is “free” if you have the ability to serve a planet server with static ip address or not, and the other one is not when you want to exceed the device limit.

It’s been a while since I encountered a problem with ZeroTire and the connections are disconnected and reconnected from time to time. Is it related to the number of connected users or not? we tested the internet connectivity and has no problems and also firewalls are inactive both in server and client
I am using zyclonite/zerotier:1.12.2 self-hosted as docker image in the server and the same version in the clients. Does it have limitation of connected users ? should I purchase it ?
I have 2 networks with 72 devices
I need your urgent help.