Zerotier Private Network Limit Free Tier

In the past, zerotier used to have a 10-device limit for free private networks. I ran into that limit before without warning stuff just stopped working. Even now I find articles referencing this (such as: ZeroTier: Software Defined Network with a click ). But I can no longer find this written on zerotier’s website anywhere. Is this limit still present? I know free users only get 25 nodes, but is there also the additional restriction of a max of 10 per private network? Or are there no longer any per-network restrictions, only that ‘total of 25’ restriction?

There’s never been a per-network limit. Just an overall limit of total number of devices connected to networks.

Additionally, the article you link is from 2016; 7 years ago. The 10 limit quoted in the article is a typo. It was 100 back then.

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