Zerotier - RDP traffic slow

Hello Everyone,

All day today my users have been having severe lag with their RDP connection to our servers via Zerotier. Internet browsing for example is what really slows their connections down, with it appearing to load block by block on a image.

Local onsite users connected with RDP are not having this issue. Reboots have been done to the servers and routers but the problem still persists.

The only thing I can think of at the moment is that with Zerotier System reboot last night might have caused the issue. Looking at the system page I see it’s current uptime is 16 hours.

Any assistance with this would be greatly appreciated.


Restarting our web app can not affect that. It’s just a view into the data the network controllers operate on. Network controllers are entirely separate processes.

If onsite users aren’t having the issue, that could point to a bottleneck somewhere coming into your network. Or it’s also possible something is interfering with peer to peer connections. You can check the following knowledge base article for tips to make sure nothing on your network is impeding peer to peer connections between network members.

Router Configuration Tips

Thanks for your response. The internet speed at our location is at 250 / 50 and is testing consistently. While having an active ping to the servers IP and having the issue, the latency stays the same. Also looking into our peers connections they are all currently Direct.

I will reach out to our firewall team to check on the port needed for Zerotier. If you can think of anything else for us to check please let me know.


It could just be some “network weather” between your users and office as well. I know quite a few residential ISPs are struggling a bit under load as so many more people are working from home these days. My residential ISP included. It likes to start dropping ~10% of packets and pings fluctuate from 10ms to 500ms almost every afternoon. Makes for a slow experience for everything.

Agree with you on that one. For our two users that had crap services we provided a company hot spot to get them going and so far it had been working for weeks. Just today out of the blue everyone on zerotier started feeling the slowness.

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