Zerotier Reconnect

Hi All,

I currently have an issue with Zerotier.

The setup is as below:

Server - Zerotier IP:

Node 1 - Zerotier IP:

Node 1 uses various internet connections from different places but the Zerotier does not keep its connection or reestablishes its connection via the new internet sources. Manual reconnection and sometimes restarting of the node is required to get the link active again, it also doesn’t store/keep the user credentials required by the server once reconnecting. I have had a look at the Zerotier configuration file but im not too familiar with the setup and configuration of it, is there a possible way to store the credentials in that configuration file or maybe to tell Zerotier to reconnect everytime a different internet source is detected?

How can i resolve this issue?

What OSes are you running on your machines? What you’re describing is base functionality of ZeroTier and should just work (and does so in our testing).

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