ZeroTier Router Failover

Is there any design in mind to allow for a ZeroTier node to failover to another for purposes of providing access to a route?

e.g. if I have via and I wanted to add a backup route to via is there a way to do this?

I bumped into Withdraw managed route when member down · Issue #1737 · zerotier/ZeroTierOne · GitHub while researching solutions; but it doesn’t actually appear to be a solution to the problem, just another description of it.

This has come to mind as ZeroTier 1.12.0 Fails to Work on primary UDP port · Issue #2105 · zerotier/ZeroTierOne · GitHub resulted in downtime that could’ve been avoided if the node ( routing could’ve failed over via a “backup” routing node (e.g.,


Did you find any workaround?

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