ZeroTier routing

Hi Everyone,

Quick question, is it possible to have zero tier forward traffic that is not apart of the CIDR to another interface?

For example, if I attach Zerotier network interface to my container, it is only allowed to connect to endpoints in my network.

I was hoping to get best of both worlds, where it will check the ZT network and see if the endpoint exists, if not, use my default network interface and go off to the internet?

you’re not very clear. zerotier can route if your zerotier host can route.

zt network host is .5
lan host is .5
other-network connected to host host is .1

you can route in zerotier via

Note, the ‘other’ network will see packets coming from an off-net src so will send replies to it’s own default gateway unless told otherwise. so if your host is just another device on the ‘other network’ then it can send packets, but it probably wont receive unless you manually add routes.

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