Zerotier servers China

I am not a tech person but have been using zerotier for a while now on Win10.
Its working but slow.
I am using zerotier in an app connecting two machines that both are in China and both using China Mobile 5G networks. I think the reason its slow is that although all traffic between the machines are in China the zerotier server is in the US so traffic needs to pass the wall.

Any workaround for this?

Seems like a similar problem of this user:


ZeroTier tries it’s best to connect devices directly. But if it can’t connect directly, the connection will have to bounce off of our servers.

Depending on the providers, 5G to 5G is commonly difficult to connect directly. Do you have any access to 5G settings? Are the machines desktops/servers, or mobile phones?

Thank you reply!

Yes I have access to the settings of the 5g modems (can connect to them via wlan from a pc).
One machine is a RPI 4 and the other one a pc on Win10.
The app I am running is UAWmatrix. I could try asking in their forums. Just started here since I think you may have a solution.
Anything in the settings you like me to check?

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