Zerotier Service Issue?

Hey All,

All last night (3/7/23) and into this morning I had many clients complaining of slowness through ZeroTier. They have been all running flawlessly for over a year until last night. Troubleshooting showed intermittent ping loss of about 30%. I confirmed internet connections were not the issue and tried updating the ZT client to no avail. Sometime this morning the issues went away for all my clients.

Was there some type of issue with the ZT service for relayed clients?

We had no issues in that time frame.

You mention relayed clients. With relaying, performance should not be expected to be perfect. It adds extra latency, and some packet loss is to be expected. Packets are forwarded on a best effort basis, but we cannot guarantee they will go through. For best performance, the best thing you can do is modify your network settings to ensure proper direct peer to peer communication.

Thanks Grant. Very strange, I had 3 clients all having the same issue (30% packet loss and high latency) and all the issues went away this morning around the same time. Perhaps a major backbone provider was having issues as these clients have used the same setup for the past year without any issue. :thinking:

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