Zerotier session/tcp limits and MySQL intensive usage

Hello! I am using the free version. Two Linux servers are connected, where one has MySQL and the other has AI algorithms. A Python script is writing and reading data from the MySQL database very intensively, and I often get an error during data writing: Error: 2013 (HY000): Lost connection to MySQL server during query. Importantly, everything works flawlessly without the Zerotier network, but if MySQL uses the Zerotier network IP address, I receive this error several times a minute.
Is there some TCP/session or other config that I could change using Zerotier network config file?

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Saludos, tengo el mismo problema al usar una base de datos Oracle y una aplicación de escritorio, inesperadamente los clientes se desconectan de la base de datos, este error es muy común al usar la IP de Zero tier, pero al conectarse por la LAN todo funciona de maravilla, lo que me pone a pensar en buscar otra alternativa

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