ZeroTier Setting up for newbie

Hi all,

Im a total newbie to this ZeroTier thing, also wanna apologize for my English, i try to describe my problem as clear as possible.

So i had register a Free Account of ZeroTier and added a few computer/client into my list. As show below:

PC A shown is locate at my home, PC B at my SOHO OFFICE together with PC C as my file server PC.

When im using PC A try to Ping or access to PC B and C, it seems not working.

Same thing happen when i ping my SOHO PC it cant be ping. however, when i using my pc at my SOHO to ping my PC A at home, it worked. can i know where i miss or maybe i had step missed? perhaps my router?

as shown, i can connect to my PC A at home from SOHO no problem. (just need to log in)

Im using ASUS AC-87U Router at SOHO with local LAN connection of 800Mbps.

**** Apology unable to post more attachment pic as restricted to 1 media only.

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