ZeroTier sometimes unable to reconnect to network after PC starts up

Hi there,

I am looking for advice for a quite annoying issue that happens sometimes (possibly once every 2 week, but with no specific recurrence).
We have a network of Win10 PCs with the main one (of course!) being the problem.

I set the main win10 PC to turn on and off at specific times. Most of the time, ZeroTier service connects successfully but other times we have to go on-site (the network folders are unavailable and the main PC is offline from the ZeroTier dashboard) to see what’s happening.

In the last instances the PC was connected to internet and ZeroTier service was running, however from what it could be seen from the app in the traybar it wasn’t connected to the ZeroTier network and had “Node ID unknown” instead. When trying to manually connect it to the network with the key, we would get “error joining network”.

Restarting the PC or the ZeroTier service (which I already set to try and restart multiple times if it’s stopped) usually helps.

Did anybody have a similar issue? If so, what did you do stop it from happening?



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