Zerotier still disconnecting randomly.. Android

I know this problem has been discussed before, but it’s still happening.
Pixel 6 phone with latest updates for both OS and app (Auto update is on).
I assume these random disconnections are still an issue since I’m still suffering from the bug.
It’ll stay connected for upto 36 hours then randomly disconnect…
It was fine at the start of the year, then an app update broke it. Is there a secret fix I’m not aware of…?

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What version do you see at the bottom of the screen?

Hi, it’s 1.12.0-3
It’s on auto update too.

That is the latest, so that is good.

I’ll ask to provide some more basic info:

What version of Android you are running?

Could you describe how you are using the Android app? (the more info, the better for trying to reproduce the problem)

What happens when the random disconnect happens? Are there any errors on screen? What is the state of your Cell or WiFi connection? What is the state of the app? (toggle switches on or off, OFFLINE vs. ONLINE at the bottom, etc.)

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