Zerotier to run inside docker container image


Am trying to get Zerotier installed on a Google Cloud shell instance
i used the following tutorial to install a basic instance of Docker/Ubuntu image from this site.

Got this all setup,then used this Zerotier tutorial on how to install Zerotier within a docker image

Can never get this command to work as expected:
docker run -it --rm --cap-add=NET_ADMIN --cap-add=SYS_ADMIN --device=/dev/net/tun centos: 7 /bin/bash
Have changed the centos:7 to ubuntu as well and no go.

Am brand new to setting up an instance on the Google cloud shell portion,so am sure i am missing something.

As a side note am wanting this to do a very simple port forward from my home server which is now behind carrier grade nat to this server for a new helium miner device so is not ‘relayed’

Thank You

It may not be possible on Cloud Shell. ZeroTier requires admin privileges on the host, and cloud shell may not give you everything you need. You’ll likely have better luck on a full VM.

Hi @zt-grant zt-grant

Thank You,
Will give the full VM setup a shot…

Thanks again

Hi,again @zt-grant zt-grant

I have a rookie question,

On my home server, will i be able to port forward the port tcp 44158 on the zerotier interface of ip to my Google cloud instance with zerotier with ,say
The internal physical interface on the server runs on 192.168.67.x/24
I will not have to try and install zerotier on the actual helium miner device to make this ,work,which is connected to this server acting as a router, Debian.?
Just trying to make sure my ‘theory’ is close.

Thank You

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