ZeroTier via hotspot unable to connect

Hi all,

I have a TrueNAS server at home, which is only on my internal network. So to be able to connect to it from everywhere, I’ve setup ZeroTier, which works perfectly! I can connect without any issues from my mobile from any other network or even mobile data.
The issue I’m having is, I require a TV device on my parents to also “think” it is inside my home network, for that, I’ve tried to use my mobile hotspot while with ZT on, and connect the TV to it, but it didn’t work. (It is an LG tv, so I couldn’t find a way to install ZT directly). In fact, I tried connecting both a computer and another mobile into my hotspot, and they couldn’t reach my network.
I’m very new to networking, so I don’t know if this is even possible.
Can someone please advice?

Thank you!

I have same configuration: laptop and file server connected to hotspot on my phone. The hotspot is created on my Android phone. The laptop could ping the file server, since they are on the same LAN. But connection is refused if I try to access the laptop or the file server from any device outside the LAN, although I am able to ping Android phone (one with hotspot).

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