Zerotier Win 7 support

I use Win 7 and my son runs Win 10. We installed zerotier because a game plugin that we need requires 0MQ protocol so we installed zerotier. My son and I installed zerotier last weekend but only on my son’s Win 10 was zerotier and the game plugin able to communicate. On Win 7 when I installed zerotier I had to do a hack to even get the zerotier driver installed. My zerotier and my game plugin do not communicate.

My son thinks I may have to upgrade to Win 10.

Can someone please tell me if I MUST upgrade to Win 10. From my install on Win 7 that required a hack to even get the driver installed I think that zerotier no longer fully supports Win 7.

Windows 7 has been EOL’d by Microsoft for over a year now. As such we no longer support it. The 1.4.6 release should still install on Windows 7 without having to mess with anything on your system, but 1.6+ no longer supports Windows 7.

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